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We are a professional Nepali tour and trekking agency. Our belief:  To get to the top, you cannot take the easy way, you must take the right way. In the mountains, and in the job. We are run by a team of tourism professionals and trekking guides. After working in the trekking and tourism sector in Nepal for almost two decades, we know what makes the difference for you. We believe that we have a responsibility for our customers and take it very seriously. We also believe that tourism in Nepal must become more professional and more sustainable, for the sake of our customers but also for the sake of Nepal and its people.

A few years ago, we have started our own company. Our goal is to provide honest and outstandingly good service to our customers. We believe the way to achieve this is our considerate interaction with our customers, our environment, and our people.


1) With us, you can be sure that you get the best quality of service.
Our selected, highly trained guides and porters will look after you 24/7. They speak good English which enables them to take care of your specific need. They are aware of all the specific issues that may affect your well-being, including altitude sickness and food hygiene. They effectively ensure your safety along your way. In case of emergency, they know how to organize your emergency rescue at any point of your way and they are always up to date in their first aid training. Finally, and most importantly, we only hire nice people who will look after you because it is their pleasure, not because it is their job. 
The tourism professionals of our agency will not squeeze your holidays into a standard trekking tour with twelve other participants but will tailor the best plan for your hiking trips, city tours, and long mountain treks.

2.) With us, you can be sure that you take no part in the exploition of porters or guides in Nepal.
You are visiting Nepal and are not expected to worry about the existing social issues in our country. This is our responsibility and we would only like to let you know that this is taken care of. Our agency provides good wages and gear, fair conditions, insurance, and advanced training to all employees, including the porters. Not because we need them as 'pillars of our company' but because they are great guys, do a great job and they deserve to be safe.

3.) With us, you can be sure that your contribution to the increasing pollution of the Nepali mountains is minimized.
There is nothing worse than a beautiful mountain covered in plastic water bottles, left behind by the people that came all this way to admire the stunning landscape. We love our mountains. We minimize your and our waste by providing UV-based water sterilization (Steripen) for all tour members counteracting the massive waste production due to plastic water bottles and, at the same time, decreasing your costs as bottled water is a expensive good on the mountains.

4.) You can be sure that we are honest with you. There is no 100% chance to climb a 7000 m mountain within a 14 days trips.
The strong competition of the many and the lack of professionalism of some trekking agencies in Nepal have led to an unpleasant cycle of impossible promises (to make tourists book expensive trips) and false excuses (after they expectedly failed to climb Mt. Everest in a snow storm). We take no part in this. To make sure you can get the best out of your trip, it is our job to enable you to make informed descisions. Thus, you will be informed about any alternative options along your way at any time. We will give you our honest expert opinion about the chances to succeed and, in case, provide you with valuable alternatives.

5.) With us, you can be sure that your money contributes to the development of Nepal.
When the earthquake in 2015 destroyed most buildings in our home areas, we experienced a heart-warming wave of support from our former customers and were able to help many people left homeless by the earthquake. This made us realize that we as a trekking agency are in a perfect position to serve as a hub, bringing unique experiences to our customers and directly bringing support to Nepali people in need. We now try to live up to this responsibility.

We run a free small volunteering program to directly route support to schools in rural areas (a  detailed website for the volunteering programm is under construction, you can check our progress on In addition, we support a reliable non-profit, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Social Voyage Nepal (, which receives most of its support from within Nepal and is aiming at sustainable actions and projects in rural areas, including drinking water projects, and women empowerment programs.
Any questions left? Contact us or come to our office for free information on sightseeing, trekking or volunteering in Nepal : 
The people working for us are experts in their jobs. They know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. This is our way to make sure that you enjoy your time with us.

During the time you spend with us, there is nothing more important to us than you. There is no time limit to us looking after you, your needs, your safety, and your well-being.

While providing the best of service to you, we look after our environment and our people. We truly believe that this is also in the interest of our customers.